CV Template

People often confuse a CV template of UK with a resume. The fact is that resume is the US version of the CV in the UK with quite a considerable difference. CV templates are useful for off the shore, research oriented, academic, and high profile jobs which require considerable experience.

A Curriculum Vitae, also called a CV in London is the Latin word which means ‘the course of my life’. It is meant to let the employer know about the details of the job both on professional and personal fronts.

It must include basic personal details, job related experience, achievements and skills and also complete educational details at various levels. It is aimed to let the employer know the complete history of the candidate unlike a resume which is compact and limited in details.

All the details must be in the reverse order of chronology (latest first). It will be a good idea to summarize all the details in a single paragraph at the beginning as you find in a CV template including previous designations, experience and the highest educational qualification.

Exemplifying is very important rather to quote the skills. It is better to explain how you applied the skill to resolve the issue instead of quoting them. Also the skills must be highlighted to convince the employer that you can do the job well.

The formatting of the page must be professional. Extra care is to be taken to avoid any possible spelling mistakes. The CVs must not exceed three or four pages however complete details the role demands.

A picture speaks a lot instead of many pages of description. Similarly however comprehensive the rules are, a single typical example lets you understand how to frame your own CV. So, we advise you to go through the samples on this site related to the roles you are interested in so as to get a complete idea of writing a CV.

CV Template